Creative Freedom Coaching

Around here, we climb the mountain of inspiration with our whole being.

You don’t need permission to do things differently, create what you want and embrace your multi-passionate self.

You just need to decide that is what you want and do that little thing called “take action”.


I’m Petra

Founder of the Wild-Hearted Creative, Author + Artist, with a slight addiction to coffee, and enjoy a good smutty romance novel or loud heavy metal music.

I’ve been on this wild-hearted creative journey for over 20 years, and yeah it’s not always been roses and sunshine.

It’s been more like a roller coaster full of ups and downs and I kinda had enough of that. Overcoming my own BS and excuses I went on a journey of changing or eliminating what got in my way.

I founded the Creative Freedom Method ™ in 2015 and it’s been my way to guide me and the goals I want to achieve.

Over the years, I heard many creatives tell me why they can’t do something and part of my mission is to remove those excuses and support creatives with tools and resources so they too can live a wild-hearted creative life.

How the Wild-Hearted Creative Community can help you…

Free Resources

A free resource library is a collection of digital resources I’ve compiled together. These resources include ebooks, worksheets, checklists, and other helpful materials.

Wild-Hearted Year

The Wild-Hearted Year Program is a 12-month journey designed to help creatives turn their ideas into reality, overcome personal and professional challenges, and achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

What You’ll Get:

12 Comprehensive Modules: Each month focuses on a key area of creative and personal development.

Interactive Workbook: A detailed workbook with exercises, planners, and reflection pages.

Monthly Q&A: Live or recorded sessions to answer your questions about life, creativity, mindset, and business.

Supportive Community: Access to a private community for networking and support.

Bonus Resources: Additional tools and resources to enhance your journey.


  • Gain access to content and creative prompts
  • Connect with like-minded creatives in a private community
  • Monthly Q&A: Tackle common creative roadblocks with our monthly Q&A sessions (written).
  • Workshops or Mini-Course: Access to a monthly workshop or mini-course
  • Personalized Feedback: Get expert eyes on your creative project
  • Ask Me Anything“: Tap into the wisdom with AMAs where you can ask me anything.
  • Monthly Copy of the Wild-Hearted Magazine when it launches in September

30-Day Creativity Sprint

Jumpstart your creative practice for 30 days, revitalize your creativity, and turn your ideas into daily action steps. Overcome creative blocks with guidance and support.

What is a Wild Hearted Creative?

You’re done hanging out in the shadows. And ready to embrace your wild hearts and live life to the fullest – no room for a dull existence here!

You’re done with just watching life go by. Instead, you’re grabbing each moment with both hands, savoring the amazing flavors of existence.

You believe in the transformative power of creativity and are dedicated to providing the tools, guidance, and camaraderie necessary for individuals to unleash their full creative potential.

The Wild-Hearted Creative Mission

We strive to inspire and foster innovation by encouraging free expression and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking.

We understand the challenges of getting started, and we’re committed to helping our community members overcome procrastination and take meaningful steps toward their creative goals.

Wild Hearted Creative is more than a community; it’s a network of like-minded individuals offering unwavering support and accountability. Together, we celebrate victories and navigate challenges.

We’re all about building real connections, supporting each other, and celebrating our unique selves. Together, we’re a powerhouse of diverse strengths.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and creative triumph. Your story is our story, and together, we’ll redefine what’s possible in the realm of creativity.

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