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Grow your list with Mini-Bundles

Are you a creative entrepreneur or small business owner with valuable insights, tools, or resources to share?

I invite you to become a part of our mini-bundle events and showcase your expertise to a wide audience of passionate creatives and business owners.

Why Contribute to Our Bundles?

Reach a Bigger Audience: Expand your reach to a diverse and engaged audience of creatives and small business owners.

Showcase Your Skills, Knowledge and Wisdom: Position yourself as a the go-to person in your field by sharing your insights, tools, or resources.

Drive Engagement and Leads: Boost your visibility and generate leads for your own products orservices by participating in our mini-bundles.

How it works

Mini-Bundles come with a free item and a paid upgrade option.

If you are a business owner, growing your email list is one of the biggest assets you can build.

If you create digital items such as:

  • E-Books
  • Workbooks
  • Webinars
  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Courses
  • and more

In the following areas

  • Mindset
  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Marketing
  • Planning
  • Self-Care
  • Content Creation

Then this is what I’m looking for:

One offering valued at $9 or more that is not currently free on your website for the free part of the bundle.

And another creations that is valued at $27 or more to the paid Bundle.

If you don’t have or want anything to contribute to the paid bundle, no worries, there are still list building benefits in the free options!

If this sound good to you, then let’s grow our lists together.

Important Details →

No fees to join participate

List size requirement is 100 people.

There will be 20 contributors in total to eliminate the freebie overwhelm.

Your affiliate commission for the paid bundle is 50% through your unique affiliate link.

You agree to send info about the Mini-Bundle to your email list through 2 solo emails during the event. If you’re active on social media, share it there too at least twice!

I will provide swipe copy and images!

Keep access to your offers and any coupon codes needed to claim active for 30 days after the Mini-Bundle ends, so that participants enough time to download everything.

Let’s earn some Prizes!


  • First Prize: Be the first person to sell 100 bundles and you will receive $150 cash prize.
  • Second Prize: Have the second best sales and receive and you will receive $75 cash prize..
  • Third Prize: Have the thirst most sales and receive and you will receive $35 cash prize.

Want to be featured?

Become a Mini-Bundle Sponsor: For just $75, you will be featured on the sales page with your headshot, bio, logo, and website link.

You’ll be featured on product delivery pages and a solo email will be sent out to my mailing list highlighting you and your offers included in the mini-bundle.

Solo Email Spotlight: For a $25.00, you and your offerings will be featured in a dedicated email to my audience during the mini-bundle event.

Here are the next steps

Below, you’ll find the list of Mini-Bundle opportunities.

Organized by topic, with multiple dates for some, you can participate in as many as your heart desires!  

There’s no waitlist/ pre-sale period for promotion.  listed.

Content deadlines are two weeks before the event.

Promotion is on the dates.

Bundle Dates

Creative Renewal Bundle

This bundle is designed to help those that may feel a little bit burnt out and could give their goals a bit of a renewal. Let’s help ditch the rut, set fresh goals, and head into the new season with a laser focus and actionable plans.


September 9th – 22nd, 2024

Gratitude and Growth Bundle

The Gratitude and Growth Bundle is all about adding gratitude into the day-to-day life, overcome mindset challenges, refine the creative process and plan for year-end success.


November 4th – 17th, 2024

New Year, New Creations Bundle

This bundle is all about tapping into the energy of the new year to set goals and create a solid plan to achieve them. It focuses on helping creatives and small business owners start the year with clarity and momentum.


January 6th – 19th, 2025

Spring Creativity Revival Bundle

The Spring Creativity Revival Bundle is designed to refresh the creative routine and boost your productivity. Think if it like coming out of hybernation. 


March 3rd – 16th, 2025

Spring Into Action Bundle

This bundle is designed to help creatives and small business owners grow their ideas and thrive. It focuses on nurturing creativity, expanding business efforts, and setting the stage for a successful summer.


May 5th – 18th, 2025

Summer Creativity Boost Bundle

The Summer Creativity Boost Bundle provides the tools and inspiration you need to energize your creative practice and thrive during the summer months.


July 7th – 20th, 2025

I’m Petra, an immigrant, adventurer + Master of Adversity and Excuse Eliminator.

I help you bridge the gap between your ideas and turn them into tangible things through the process of my Creative Freedom Method ™.

I’ve been a small business owner for the last 20+ years when I first started selling my crochet work before transitioning into focusing on my pyrography art and now also as a creativity coach.

Over the years, I have hosted summits, giveaways, and bundles and decided and after a bit of a hiatus am bringing bundles back 6 times a year.

When it is one thing I have learned over the years, your email list is one of your biggest asset to your small business and using bundles is a great way to continue to grow your list.